The Making of “The Wild Prowess”


The Wild Prowess

“Wild and free, she stands tall. Tiny but mighty. She knows her truth. By virtue of this, her world is bright with herself as its beacon. Forever undimable.”- Me

The specific flowers in this image have a deep meaning for me, and my little family. As you all know by now. I have come out of the broom closet. I now openly identify as a Witch after a lifetime of denial and hiding. These flowers themselves have been a long time coming. Both literally and figuratively! It took so long for me to realize that I shouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed. ESP the part where if someone doesn’t like how I live my that it’s less of a reflection of me, and more a reflection of them and their own insecurities.

These wild flowers pictured in this piece come from so SO much thought, deliberation, ritual, and love. The seeds themselves were planted by my little love and I on the Pagan holiday of Ostera. Ostera is celebrated on the first day of Spring.  That day, my daughter woke up to rose petals all over her bedroom floor. Then we had strawberry shortcake for breakfast to celebrate the fact that Spring has officially arrived then went to school. As soon as she got home we planted native Lowcountry wildflower seeds (because, bee’s) in our garden then blessed the garden with a spell of some beautiful intention setting. Then to end the spell sprinkled the rose petals from that morning into the garden to with the seeds well. We would have colored eggs and such (since Ostera is where the idea is from after all), but since my brother was coming for Easter I figured I’d just mess up my kitchen once.




 Then we waited.

A few weeks later, Beltane was upon us. Beltane is a fertility celebration that is celebrated in early May. Modern times have turned it into Mother’s Day. There is a bit more to Beltane (think fire and sex), but I manage to make it family friendly. On Beltane morning my daughter, and I made flower crowns, and a wand also made from flowers. We took them outside to bless the flower buds to will them to open. A few days later they did! My little love thought it was the most magickal thing.

I love being able to share the magick of Mother Earth with my daughter. She is a magickal little being herself. She’s had a a deep love and respect for nature since birth. For example- There was this one time where she saw a bunch of live tree branches on someone curb. She immediately got on the ground to sob for them and give them a hug too. She was so sad for them and the tree they belonged to. Admittedly, I did the same as her.



I’m quite certain she is the one who forced me to finally live freely in my own truth.

Of course, It was only natural that I’d have my little love help with this shoot. To shoot the main image she helped tape the grey bedsheet to the house so that I could have a clean background to cut the flowers out in photoshop. After that she wanted to pick a few to put in her room so we did! But first we shot images of each of them. While looking at them we decided that each had its had its own personality. If you look closely at each of the flowers in “The Wild Prowess” they could easily be people! Each has its own soul. How could I not include them!



The cloud was added in to the piece as a symbol of a light that is undimable. The cloud is there, but the main flower is so unaffected by it. She is just happy and free right here she is. I get this feeling about myself now that I have ripped off my mask. I feel so unstoppable!

I’d love to hear what you, the viewer, see’s in this image. I love hearing folks share pieces of themselves with me about how my art brings up different feelings in everyone. If you have a thought share it either here in the comments, on FB, Instagram or you can send me a private email or DM too!

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With Gratitude,

Natalie Allgyer

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