No matter where you are from or what your beliefs, Spring is always a time of newness, rebirth, color, and hope for the future. The air is blowing in new life and change. Spreading around the seeds of hope that will soon blossom into beautiful works of life.

A bird was chosen as the subject of this piece since birds return in the Spring to lay their eggs. The hope of new life that they bring upon their return is the essence of Spring itself. The flower garden is from a beautiful garden in my city. The grass is from the same garden, and so is the sky. The flower the bird is carrying is a lilac. A purple Lilac represents that very first feeling of love. Also purity and innocence. The dark cloud to the left is representative of the ending that Spring leaves behind.

My subject, the bird, was made in the same was as the subject in the “Winter” piece was made. A piece of material was flung around many times while taking rapid photos with a remote. They were then loaded into the computer while the right ones were carefully chosen to mold into a bird.

In order to create this piece it there needed to be a plenty of flower images as well as supple grass, and skies that represented the wind (air) that is the element of Spring. Spring brings in winds of change. Creating this piece meant that I had to spend ample time in a beautiful, old, and huge, garden near by. Mature trees, wildlife, and historical depth abound! I was so lucky to be filled with all of the feelings of Spring as I collected the images for the piece and during its creation too.

Creating pieces like this gives me such a deep sense of gratitude for how my family and I have cultivated our lives. So I’ll ask this. What is seeds are you planting? How will you cultivate them?


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With Graditude, 

Natalie Allgyer


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