How It’s Made -“Spirit”




Spirit is part five of a five part series that is currently being built. This series will be based of the correlation between the seasons and elements. Spirit is to be the fifth part in this relationship. Currently, this body of work is unnamed, but that will change soon.

For the purposes of this written piece, and for simplicity, Ill be using the word Spirit as the name for “It”. Feel free to call “It” whatever name you feel comfortable calling it as you read on thru the post.

Ok, here it goes-

Spirit is the very presence or essence that makes up, well, everything! This force is what is responsible for the creation of everything we see, and don’t see. Without it there would be no you, no me, no earth/air/fire/water either. Spirit is the yin and yang in one. It is both, and neither masculine or feminine. It simply just, is.

Every major and non major religion has some version of Spirit along with their own interpretation of what that means in their part of the world. Even the polytheist ones.

It’s. All. The. Same.

This realization is, I think, is what could quite possibly bring the world together.

If we could all stop talking so much, and start listening more about what our neighbors have to say we would, most likely, find that we are all the same with the same basic wants, needs, and longing to love and be loved. If we could just put down all our insecure opinions we would realize that Christians, Muslims, Pagans, Hindu, indigenous tribes and the like are ALL praying to the same Spirit. And even asking for the same exact things!!!

Sadly, the problem that we have in the world today has nothing to do with Spirit itself. It absolutely does has everything to do with man’s interpretation of what Spirit wants (who do we think we are anyway?). Our own individual human beliefs of what we as men and women think is right and wrong. Then pushing our will onto others is just about everything wrong in the human world today. I truly wish that we would be able to see through all of that and accept our brothers and sisters for who they are, but I digress...



Now for the fun part. How this was created! {Rubs hands together and smiles} This piece might be one of the easier edits that I’ve had. Shooting it is what took all the time and patience.

First I had to find a suitable location to shoot the shots for the image. I was baffled. Where on earth would I ever find a huge white wall that was big enough, with no windows and nothing on it. That wouldn’t cost me little or no money to shoot in. That’s sort of how I roll. Part of how I challenge myself is to shoot my images for as little money as possible.

As it turns out, Spirit heard me! A couple of days later I get a Instagram message from, get this- “The White Room”. The White Room is a new photography studio that is essentially a huge, plain, white, room. It had just opened up right near my house. How awesome?! They asked if I’d want to shoot an image there in exchange for some publicity, and pictures. Of course I said yes. So I get there that day and flung around that piece of materiel that I’ve been using as my subject in the rest series. I probably spent a good hour there while using all sorts of different lighting setups to be sure that I got a good variety to choose from. The owner is super sweet too. I thanked her then left to go home to start the edit.

Now comes the real daunting task of trying to make the intangible into something that is seemingly tangible.

Again, Spirit lead me. It took a while, but I was able to choose one fluid image for the creation of this piece. I twisted and bent it around a bit to have it say what i wanted to say. When it was time to choose a color palette, the piece seemed to call for a neutral palette rather than straight black and white. Since, to me, Spirit is more of a neutral, softer, entity rather than just black, white, and grey. That was about all there as to it! The process to create this piece was just as simple as it was complicated. Just like the Spirit itself!

What do you see when you look at this? What feelings does it bring up? I love hearing from you. Let me know! The comments I’ve already gotten on it fell friends and family have been so awesomely interesting to hear. You can write it here in the comments, or you can post on FB or Insta. If it’s more private shoot me an email in the contact form or a DM on one of the social platforms.

Blessed be!

With Graditiude,

Natalie Allgyer

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