Coming Out Of The Broom Closet


 “There is a little Witch in all of us”- Aunt Jet


Putting down the art for a second to dive into a topic very important to me. My spirituality.

Growing up in an inner city sure has its advantages. It gave me an education that no money could ever buy. I was lucky to be exposed to so many cultures, and religions. I love every single one of them! Each one of those cultures, and religions are a part of who I am today. One day, it just clicked!  At their very core, the religions are all exactly the same! Love for yourself and others is the general theme of every one of them. So I took off to find my own path while taking pieces of each religion and culture with me.  I’d say it started in grade school. I didn’t quite know there was a word for what I was just yet. I never even told a soul until that I was anything but Catholic untill I was much older. I was uncomfortable with the word “Witch” itself even longer than that. I didn’t want to be labeled as weird. If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ve probably learned that I now love my weird!!! My weird, and all it entails, makes me the person and artist that I am today. The trials and tribulations of the past few years have taught me that life is simple too short to not live out loud.

Now that I’m out of the broom closet and claimed my place as a Witch I’ve gotten so many compliments, questions, and “me too’s”. It made me want to talk more about my practices, and maybe even clear up a thing or two for the collective. I’ll keep this article pretty simple. Just know that every subject brought up goes much deeper than what is here. Google is a powerful rescorce. If you feel called to dive deeper go for it! Also pertaining to this article- For todays purposes, I’ll be speaking mostly about western world witchcraft.

You kids ready? Ok here we go!

Let’s start with the word “Witch.”

I can go on and on about the word itself. Most of our western patriarchal historically has washed it with unfavorable stories. History all but forgets the Goddess entirely. There are tons of reasons that a woman would be labeled a witch a few hundred years ago. Some of those are as follows- Single, living on her own with no father/husband around at all, and making her own wages. She might sleeping with different men (because she can) she likely had children too. She knew her way around the garden, well. She used herbs as medicine. She likley sold her own remedies, herbs, fruits, and vegetables too. Women, married or not, suffering from PMS, PPD, menopause, having very emotional reactions, or if they were attracted to women instead of men could be charged, and executed as Witches too. And more!!! In 2019 these “crimes” don’t sound so bad do they? Please read on.

Fast forward a few hundred years. The world doesn’t execute you for such things any longer (for now). Women and men who think like me have become  empowered. We are talking back the word “Witch” in the same way that LGBTQ community has taken back the word “Queer”. Yes it’s just a word, but words hold power. Other favorable, modern and not so modern words that are used in place of Witch include-healer, light-worker, medicine woman, priestess, sorcerer, wizard, pagan, alchemist, neopagan, Wiccan (I am not Wiccan, but more on that later).

Here’s a thing- Witchcraft is not a religion, but a way of living life. Sort of like Buddhism. Some Witches do choose to follow a religion called Wicca. However, You can be a witch and not be a Wiccan. Such as in my case. The two things are not mutually exclusive. Wicca is pretty cool! I just can’t tie myself to one belief system given my background.

Here’s another thing- There is no devil in the craft. At least not in the way you might think. There is much emphasis put on opposites though. Light/dark, God/Goddess, male/female, yin/yang, fire/water, summer/winter etc. It honors the whole self in an effort to help you lead a more satisfying life. Think of the old Greek mythological Gods and Goddesses. They all have good and bad qualities. Just like us. Do some Witches use their gifts to do harm? Sure. Every culture and religion has its bad eggs. We are no different. Most of us simply don’t go there! A well known mantra in the world of Witchcraft is “Do no harm”. The majority of us are full of light and working hard to stay there just like anyone else.

Now for the fun stuff. Holidays!! Myself and multitudes of others on this path, and their families, choose to follow the Pagan holidays in the Pagan wheel. My little family still celebrates the modern holidays that I was raised with. Mainly because they are fun! Some occur on the same day too. The Pegan holidays are ancient. Many of our modern holidays like Christmas, Easter, Groundhog Day, Mother’s Day, Halloween, and others too; are rooted in Pegan history then adopted into modern culture over time. If you want to google the similarities of holidays like Samhain(pronounced Saa-win)/Halloween, Yule/Christmas, Ostera/Easter you are defiantly in for a treat! My daughter loves these holidays! For example- on Ostera she woke up to rose petals on her floor. We had strawberry shortcake for breakfast that morning too. Later that day we planted southeastern native wild flower seeds in the yard and used the petals from the floor to bless them. On Beltane we made flower crowns and a special wand out of flowers too then went outside to wave the wand around to bless the flowers to open. A week or so later they did. The Pegan wheel/calendar tends to revolve around the rhythm of Mother Earth. Very cool to share this power with little ones.

As for where I go to connect and pray. Speaking for myself only here, the way that I practice is my way of connecting to the Divine Spirit is to be in nature. In fact, i’m here right now writing this article. Nature is my church. I’ve eternally felt a stronger connection to the divine spirit while in nature rather than in any church. Although I do love churches. Especially the really old ones with lots of history and deep energy.  I manage to find my way to nature most days. I enjoy chatting with the trees, plants, fish, animals, and the Faeries.

Meditation is one of my forms of prayer. Yoga helps to connect my spirt to my body. Tarot cards help to look inside my own intuition, and my spirit guides (guardian angels?) to give me answers to questions that I am unsure of. Note- The cards meanings are subjective. If you change your actions or attitude towards the subject the readings change too. I use crystals everyday for healing and energetic protection for myself and my family. My daughter loves the crystals. She has a bunch of her own too. I use herbs and essential oils to mostly heal the astral body but also for the physical one too. And sage. Lots and lots of sage! Here is a little known trivia fact a bout me- I am a Reiki Master. Reiki is one of my preferred energetic healing modalities. It’s used to heal the body and balance the chakras using universal energy that is available to us all. All you have to do is want to use it. Did your mom ever kiss your boo-boo and actually made it feel better? That is Reiki! I am not called to use Reiki as a business. Plenty of friends do. They are quite successful at it! I just use it for myself, and those closest to me.

Just recently I learned my exact birth time so I started to dabble in astrology. Wow! Astrology is a whole thing in and of itself! It help you to forecast energy in the same that the weather channel forecasts the weather. I also follow the moon cycles closely for intention/goal setting in an effort to assist my manifestations of my dreams into reality. I use it to track my menstrual cycle too. That’s another thing. The menstruated cycle. It’s a gift ladies! Not a curse :). Use it to your advantage. The subjects in the last couple of paragraphs are the main ways that I connect to my higher power but there are more too!

Our own minds and universal energy are powerful things if you use them wisely. Here’s one more thing- We all have psychic powers. Every one of us! Whether or not we choose to develop those powers is up to us. Witches are naturally curious about all of it. We do our best to develop our “clairs”. Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, clairaudience, etc. I know, big topic! For me, I work to develop them all but claircentience (clear feeling) is my strongest.

Do you ever have deja vu? Or maybe you thought if someone and then they called you? A dream that litterly , became reality? Saw something out of the corner of your eye but when you turned it wasn’t there anymore? Gotten a bad feeling about something? Maybe you heard some quick advise in your ear but you weren’t sure where it came from? If so, you are using your clair’s and you don’t even know it!

Oh wow! Just realized that this post is very long!


If you have gotten this far, thank you! There are more of us out there then you think. Even in the South! It can be uncomfortable to think differently and be open about it too. With portals like the ones the internet and social media lends us in linking the world together it helps minorities like myself to find others to connect with. That connection evokes confidence!

I hope you enjoyed this post. If this resonates with you I’d love to hear from you. I welcome all the questions and all the comments, emails, messages, texts, phone calls, snail mail, and carrier pigeons that you have!

Blessed be.

With Gratitude,

Natalie Allgyer