"But But I'm Not An Artist!"

“Caterpillar” By- My Little Love

“Caterpillar” By- My Little Love

My darling, YOU are an artist!

Take this common excuse that I hear more often than I should since I shifted over to the art world- “I love what you do! I wish I was creative like that!”. My reply to this is usually some version of-“but you are!!” 

Everyone, and I do mean everyone, is an artist and has the potential to create. We humans are thinking, breathing, intelligent beings. Each complete with our own set of unique gifts, and vary just as wildly as our noses do! 

Take my husband for example. He and I work from home, but have separate jobs. Regardless of wether we like it or not, we hear one another’s phone conversations. All. Day. Long. A few years ago, I started to notice what my husband’s art is. He is a master strategist! Like, to a point of beauty. He can see and predict patterns in things like no one else I’ve ever known. It’s not just work related either. It is in everything that he does.

He is constantly 30 steps ahead, and knows just about every potential pit fall of each of those 30ish steps. The art in it is how he sets contingency plans over contingency plans for each of the potential pit falls of each of the steps . So each of those moving parts has more moving parts and he has plans for every single one, how they will move together over time. Plans for what happens if one or many of them break, and plans for how they will all work over a long period of time too. All of it is artfully planned. Games like monopoly, or uno are impossible to play with him! 

This may sound boring or nonsensical to you since you are just reading about it in a few short sentences in some random woman’s blog post, but just like most art, it’s difficult to describe the beauty in words. So if you’d like to come over one day to listen for yourself. Come on over (sorry babee). I’d love to share the sense of awe! 

Another example is my dear friend and neighbor, Beverly. Her gift is spoken word. She navigates conversations, especially the difficult ones, better than anyone I’ve ever known. She is remarkable at knowing the perfect thing to say, and the perfect time to say it. Sometimes the “time” part doesn’t come for a real long while too. She always manages to find the proper words. Then waits for the proper moment to deliver her message. It comes across in a way that doesn’t leave one feeling badly. Ever. Yet the point still come across. It’s beautiful!!!! It’s perfection! It’s ART.

I’ve seen/heard/been the recipient of her do this time and time again, and it never ceases to amaze me. Im sure you are over there thinking “Common Natalie most of us are generally good at this”. While that is true, I promise you that you don’t have the finesse with words or the timing that she does. Or maybe you do?? If so bravo, because that is an amazing talent to have!! 


The point of telling you about these two very special people in my life is that as I’ve gotten to know them I’ve gotten to learn their own special artistic talents. While I wish I could know every single person who is reading this blog post as well as I know the two that I’ve captured above.

One thing is for sure- YOU ARE MOST DEFINITELY AN ARTIST.  

Putting aside the fact that each of us come with our own unique gifts. Everything we do as humans can be considered art. The trick is to do it mindfully. How we eat is art. How we speak is art. How we brush our teeth- ART. You get to choose how artful your life can be!

What do you consider your artistic medium to be? Tell me! If you don’t know what it is, I challenge you to find it! Need help? Send me a PM or comment here and I’ll send you some books and articles on how to find it! Cheers!

**All photos taken my me. All artwork is curtesy of My Little Love.

“Butterfly” By- My Little Love circa 2016

“Butterfly” By- My Little Love circa 2016

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