How It’s Made- “The Liberation Fee”

“The Liberation Fee”- Natalie Allgyer

“The Liberation Fee”- Natalie Allgyer

The inspiration for this piece came two fold. 1) from seeing a broken, yet still alive, tree branch near another tree. 2) summer. Summer corresponding element =Fire = transformation. Transformation could equal Liberation, freedom, I-do-what-I-want, etc. It is the sweetest feeling! A Phoenix rising from the ashes so to speak. You break away from what isn’t serving you to go out, and forge your own path. Freedom tastes so good! SO GOOD! 

This thing is. Freedom is definitely not free! Anyone who tells you different is smoking crack. Liberation does have a cost. Just ask anyone who has been freed or liberated from something. ANYONE! 

The refugees who successfully fled their war torn countries. Or the woman who left her abusive husband in the middle of the night. Or the solider fighting for their country at war. But hang on! We don’t even have to go that extreme. How about that friend of yours who has finally learned to set healthy boundaries so that they can lead a more safe, fulfilling life. It’s all relevant. 

I can go on and on, but think about? In the spectrum the situations mentioned above, someone is facing a tremendous amount of blind risk on their way to liberation from whatever it was that is oppressing them. All of these people made a painful choice to leave something behind. They knew that a better life was on the other side, but still mourn the very thing that they chose to leave behind.  As a society we don’t always think of that, complicated, part of it. 

Trust me, that branch did NOT want to leave that tree. While it is likely happy about this decision, and knows it’s all for the better. That branch still mourns that little tree in the middle of the ocean. It also knows there is a better life waiting for it on the other side whenever it chooses to plant itself. 

My little love swirling a straw.

My little love swirling a straw.

Once the idea was formed I, or should I say we, got to work! We had fun making this piece. Trying to figure out of how make my ideas come to life is the most fun part of the whole thing. I’m home for the summer with my little love so I had her help me with it. After much contemplation we decided to have her swirl a straw around in a big glass jar away from all light reflections so that I could get a waterline shot without having to spend $$$$ on a underwater dome housing for my camera. Woohoo 🥳! Go me!!  The branch is a piece of driftwood that I found on a local beach a long time ago. The day that I found it I swore I’d do something with it. It’s been sitting on a shelf on my desk begging to star in one of my pieces for at least a year. The tree in the background is a picture of a real pretty tree that I saw in my last trip up north outside side of the church where my cousin was married. Once I had all that I decided on a subtle color palette (reflective of what colors were already there), a lighting scheme, and voila! We have “The Liberation Fee”. 

So tell me. Are you feeling the pull of transformation this season? Cuz I sure am! If so, what are you liberating yourself from? Let me know! I truly love hearing these things. 

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Natalie Allgyer